Advanced Security - 3 Week Assessment

Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant provides end to end security advice, policy compliance assessments, real-time monitoring and rapid remediation to accelerate business safety outcomes.

It is more important than ever to reassure the customers that your organization’s services are secure, that your data is not at risk and that the users are always protected. Every organization needs to review their policies, processes, procedures and tools.

Xoriant will perform 3 weeks of discovery and provide expert recommendation as best practices to remediate the findings by performing below steps:   
  1. Pre-engagement Kick-off: Define scope, requirements, deliverable artifacts
  2. Kick-off: Provide a list of questions for assessment based on requirements, and environment components.
  3. Review: Review answers to questions, policies, processes, procedures and other information collected
  4. Findings Report: Document off findings report, gaps report, remediation recommendations document
  5. Presentation and Close Assessment  

Deliverable  Following areas will be assessed and report findings will be provided with recommendations 
  1. Review Azure cloud architecture, 
  2. Network ACL, 
  3. Security Groups and rules, 
  4. Azure Key Vault
  5. AKS:  node affinity, node tolerance, node tainting, custom labels for node selection and deployments in addition to policy definitions on AKS (K8 clusters)
  6. Azure cloud services such as Blob Storage, SQL Server, Application gateways, Load balancer, Azure SQL Server, Azure databases, Power BI (or embedded Power BI), Azure AD implementations, roles and assume role implementations
  7. MS 365 Security Center