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Axway MailGate

Unified 'safe-for-work' solution enabling secure and control emails and file sharing

Welcome to the Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration This solution assists in fully protecting your enterprise – from sanitizing inbound email, filtering and encrypting outbound messages, securing and managing shared files, and securing mobile device channels.

Microsoft SharePoint content can also be shared securely on the Secure Collaboration platform.

Highlights :
  • Delivers enterprise-class secure file sharing and collaboration capabilities, enabling the application of DropZone security policies to SharePoint data
  • Comprehensive platform which inspects all emails at the network gateway, identifying email content and taking actions based on enterprise-defined security policies
  • Reduces network congestion and enhance employee productivity with virus protection anti-spam filtering and defense against dark traffic
  • Powerful encryption platform – securing inbound and outbound email streams
  • Enables compliance with laws governing the security and privacy of information stored or transmitted electronically
  • MailGate SC platform integrates into enterprise portals and apps through its RESTful API