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Datometry Hyper-Q

Run Teradata applications natively on Azure SQL Data Warehouse to re-platform instantly

Datometry Hyper-Q – The Best Way to Re-platform Your Applications to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Datometry Hyper-Q is a next generation virtualization technology that allows database applications to run natively on different databases by translating database queries and responses in real-time. Hyper-Q eliminates the need for costly, risky and time-consuming rewriting of applications when re-platforming to a new underlying database. This Azure Marketplace offering enables Teradata applications to be executed natively on Azure SQL Data Warehouse without requiring changes to configuration or SQL syntax. Support for clients other than Teradata applications (e.g., Oracle) available soon.

Key Benefits of Datometry Hyper-Q:
  • Powerful – Full functional language support for analytics and BI workloads
  • Transparent – Run legacy applications without modifications
  • Efficient – No measurable latency or overhead
  • Simple – Point, click and run... it's that easy!