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FreeStor Storage Server

Falconstor Software
Data Migration, Protection & Recovery, Continious Availability, and Optimization Solution
As the amount of digitized business data grow in size and complexity, many IT environments are challenged to keep up with the increased demand to store and access data. Information and the effective management of the corresponding storage infrastructure are critical to a company's success. Reliability, mobility, availability, and disaster recovery capabilities are all key factors in the successful management and protection of data. The FreeStor Storage Server (FSS) solutions have been optimized for high performance and reduced latency, providing fast, flexible, and secure data protection and recovery to meet any data security or compliance need. Enhanced high availability provides active/active, always available capability for business continuity. Utilizing the FSS solution, you can intelligently create, move, protect, utilize, and reuse data with minimal capital investment and without burdening production resources. The management console allows you to manage, and monitor your storage resources and services on the storage server network from a central location. For more robust monitoring and reporting, FSS also includes access to REST APIs to pull data into external monitoring platforms.