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Nasuni 7.2 Enterprise File Services

Nasuni integrates NAS, backup, DR, and global file access in a single hybrid cloud solution

A Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution for Microsoft Azure

Nasuni provides an integrated solution to store, protect, share and access all enterprise files. Our cloud-native file system, UniFS®, operates within the Microsoft Azure cloud, extending the complete set of Enterprise File Services to organizations across the globe. Businesses can benefit from unlimited scale, powerful data protection and enhanced collaboration at a fraction of the cost of traditional file storage and protection systems. Together, we solve some of IT’s most difficult challenges, allowing companies to:
  • Expand file storage capacity without piling on hardware
  • Extend fast access to files and improve collaboration across a distributed environment
  • Deliver secure mobile and shared access to files
  • Eliminate the cost, complexity and time demands associated with distributed file backup and restore
  • Provide fast, reliable access to files in the event of a disaster