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VSI HoloMedicine®

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You wish to bring your clinic up to the new medical standards to ensure better patient outcomes?

Improve patient outcomes, augment the clinical experience for physicians, and educate the doctors-of-tomorrow on VSI HoloMedicine®.

VSI HoloMedicine®

VSI HoloMedicine® is a medically certified cloud-based platform that leverages the Microsoft HoloLens 2 hardware to transform medical images (such as CT, MRI, ANGIO-CT, CBCT, SPECT, PETCT, and more) clinical workflows, and medical education into an interactive 3D mixed reality environment.  VSI HoloMedicine® is agnostic with respect to medical field, entirely independent from other physical hardware, and supports the entire surgical episode of care as opposed to just one narrow surgical procedure. Use our platform to collaborate with other physicians globally as virtual avatars, conduct surgical planning in 3D, engage patients, and educate the doctors-of-tomorrow in medical academia across 13 different medical fields.

Your greatest advantages

  • Improve care coordination and enhance your surgical planning process
  • Save time planning while achieving unique anatomical perspectives and insights
  • Improve patient satisfaction & physician engagement
  • Collaborate with other surgeons, teaching hospitals, or medical schools locally and globally in medical mixed reality

Application areas

The VSI HoloMedicine® platform is deployed in medical schools and across many different medical departments within a hospital for clinical use. Whether it's cardiology, otolaryngology, maxillo-facial, interventional radiology, neurosurgery, or medical education & training, physicians are able to deploy a secure and integrated platform in one specific department or scale across the hospital system.

  • Patient Education & Engagement
  • Surgical Planning
  • Surgical Team Collaboration
  • Post-Operative Patient Rounds
  • Medical Education


Close cooperation with physicians

All uses of the product are carried out in close cooperation with our highly qualified medical advisory board members spanning several continents and medical disciplines.

Close cooperation with Microsoft

apoQlar is official Distribution Managing Partner (DMP), Co-Selling Partner, and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of Microsoft.