ArangoDB NoSQL Database on Ubuntu 1

Apps4Rent LLC

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ArangoDB NoSQL Database on Ubuntu 1

Apps4Rent LLC

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An open source multi-model database with comprehensive database features for designing web apps.


Written in C++ and JavaScript, ArangoDB is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and was originally called AvocadoDB but was later rebranded as ArangoDB. Being referred as a universal database, ArangoDB allows key/value document and graph data in a same storage and queried with a common language. It is termed as a native multi-model database by its makers which demonstrates the above reason. ArangoDB integrates native JavaScript microservices directly on top of DBMS with the use of Foxx framework, similar to multithreaded Node.js.

The ArangoDB solution is mostly built on top of Ubuntu 18.04 installed on Azure. Tested by Apps4Rent engineers, this solution is been proven to work well on Azure.

Key features available in ArangoDB on Ubuntu 18.04:

· Native multi-model

· Flexible data modelling

· Support for common metadata storage

· Supports cross-platform indexing

· One Declarative Query Language for all models

· Graph Relations

· Relational Joins

· Storage engines

· TLS/SSL Encryption