Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service

HackNo Pty Ltd

Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service

HackNo Pty Ltd

Affordable, 24/7 Eyes on Glass Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service

HackNo - Cyber Security - is 100% focused customer service and delivering affordable:

- Managed Cyber Security

- Penetration Testing; and,

- GRC services

backed up by authentic exceptional service.

Our Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service is Affordable, 24/7 Eyes on Glass, Full Response End to End Service.

Our goal is to help you, not just sell to you.

Service is a real differentiator and is something that needs to be experienced, which is why we offer extended <strong>Free 3-month Managed Microsoft Sentinel trials</strong>, an offer well beyond anyone else in the market.

With built in Behaviour Monitoring, SOAR capabilities and data connectors to external 3rd party vendor solutions and services, such as firewalls, salesforce and beyond, Microsoft Sentinel is an effective SIEM and SOAR solution, just ask Gartner.

To enable customers we offer an Affordable, Full Response, Managed 24/7 Eyes on Glass Microsoft Sentinel Service for much less than the cost of standing up your own team.

We cover all business sizes, SMB with less than 100 staff through to large corporates with thousands of staff. Our service is scalable and everyone gets the attention their network needs.

HackNo adds value to you with our affordable fully managed end-to-end service:

- Data Ingestion Minimisation to save cost

- Eyes on Glass Security Operations Centres

- Fast Investigation and Response

- Full set-up assistance

- Isolating devices

- Managing alerts

- Security Automation and Orchestration Response (SOAR)

- Setup and Execution of Automated Playbooks

- Manual prevention of persistence and lateral movement

- Manual prevention of sophisticated attacks

- Proactive 24/7 response

- Setup of customised dashboards for data insights

- Terminating malicious processes

While our price is affordable, we can also prove value with references and a 3-month free trial so you can experience value for yourself.

We are here to help you win.

We are on mission.

Talk to us about your requirements today.

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