Castor EDC / CDMS Platform

Ciwit B.V.

Castor EDC / CDMS Platform

Ciwit B.V.

Easily capture, proces and integrate data from multiple sources on a compliant EDC/CDMS platform

Castor is a leading provider of decentralized and hybrid clinical trial solutions to democratize research. With the highest-rated eClinical platform for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials, Castor’s plug-and-play platform offers rapid deployment at scale, enabling researchers to create a trial in a matter of clicks.

Electronic data capture enables the researcher and study team with high-quality, compliant, reusable data. Castor’s EDC/CDMS platform makes it easier to capture real-world trial data and integrate it seamlessly with other data in your ecosystem. Powered by Castor’s self-service platform, researchers can be in control of their study process, go live with studies in as little as 4 weeks, and have peace of mind with Castor’s first-class support. Choose the level of ownership and complexity right for your study infrastructure and start delivering better health outcomes

Build advanced eCRFs in minutes

Use one of our pre-built templates, or build a complex form from scratch with 21 different field types, and easily clone it as you build more studies.

Deploy studies faster

Castor ranks among the top 5% of EDCs for shortest build time. More than 90% of our studies have been deployed within 4 weeks.

Minimize data entry error

Promote data reuse across research units and monitor study progress and outcomes through real-time reporting.

Complete mid-study changes with ease

Derisk the study amendment process using our secure, trackable, and easy-to-validate FormSync tool.