CloudM Migrate (Self-hosted) in Azure


CloudM Migrate (Self-hosted) in Azure


Download it. Run it. Migrate it.

Get the most out of the cloud with Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, CloudM.

Scale your business at your pace, without being slowed down by systems.

Whether you’re switching vendors, acquiring businesses, or employing more staff; migrations are a regular rite of passage for a company in motion. But they’re risky, because a poorly-executed migration can lead to downtime and data loss.

You need the right tools for the job, and the right hands holding them. Because CloudM eats large and complex migrations for breakfast.

Our experts have delivered almost 60 million migrations, for more than 40,000 customers around the world.

Easy - Enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly experience, with a choice of desktop and browser-based interfaces.

Fast - Our cloud migration tool lets you speed through the process with scalable infrastructure, multi-threaded architecture and user-friendly features.

Secure - Move to the cloud with confidence with guaranteed data integrity with zero downtime for users.

  • Migrate to three destinations from over 30 legacy and modern sources

  • Comprehensive pre-migration environment scan included

  • Multi server migrations

  • Live Summary Dashboard

  • Simple setup for all migrations

  • Automate with Powershell

  • Migrate to and from cloud storage

  • Integrate with third party systems