Contrast Security- The Secure Code Platform

Contrast Security

Contrast Security- The Secure Code Platform

Contrast Security

Contrast secures your entire application portfolio, empowering teams to find & fix vulnerabilities.

Contrast secures your entire application portfolio with industry leading speed and accuracy, while empowering teams to automatically find and fix vulnerabilities across every step of the software developer lifecycle.

Product Overview

At Contrast, we take an inside out approach that embeds security testing throughout the development lifecycle. This full context improves accuracy, catching more critical vulnerabilities and remediating faster than any other approach in the market. Our comprehensive platform unifies development, security and operations to help get secure code moving through your organization. You can secure code - web applications, cloud native, APIs, and open source - across the entire software development lifecycle all from one platform.


• Analyze code 10x faster with great accuracy to get secure code moving

• Find vulnerabilities and remediate 45x faster

• Secure your code throughout the entire development lifecycle from one platform

The Contrast Platform is comprised of:

Contrast Assess offers interactive application security testing (IAST) to identify software vulnerabilities in real time while developers write code automatically. Contrast Assess agents instrument an application that allows monitoring code and report from within the application. With this depth of context, Contrast Assess can reduce alert noise (caused by false positives and eliminate hours of work required by DevOps teams to find and fix vulnerabilities without the need for specialized security expertise.

Contrast Protect empowers teams to defend their applications anywhere they run, by embedding an automated and accurate runtime protection capability within the application to continuously monitor and block attacks.

Contrast Scan is a (SAST) source code scanning tool built from the ground up. Contrast Scan utilizes a pipeline-native approach to static application security testing that eliminates the inefficiencies that delay release cycles. Make security testing a simple routine that prioritizes the most pressing vulnerabilities to deliver fast, accurate and actionable results.

Contrast SCA enables businesses to protect their software supply chain by identifying real threats from third-party libraries across the entire software development lifecycle. With Contrast SCA, detect which open-source software components are called in the application runtime and prioritize vulnerability remediation based on which libraries are actively being used.

Contrast Serverless is a purpose-built cloud native application security testing solution to help customers secure their Azure Functions and improve their security posture across their environment.

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