idWorkplace : Digital workplace integrate Microsoft 365

Perfectly integrated into the Microsoft 365 environment, it promotes, 
simplifies and optimizes the use of Microsoft 365 applications 
but also offers a set of additional features and applications
whose objective is to strengthen collaborative work
and above all to increase productivity.

idWorkplace provides a set of communication and collaboration tools 
and functionalities whose objective is to allow your organization
to gain in fluidity,
time, employee involvement and productivity.

Your departmental intranet embedded in your Digital Workplace 
for harmonious collaboration and collective intelligence

idWorkplace allows you to better manage personal and business documents.

Thanks to sharing, co-editing, optimization of exchange flows, 
recording and archiving of your documents, your collaborative productivity is optimized.

idWorkplace provides a tool for modeling and executing simple business processes allowing
you to automate your day-to-day, manual, repetitive tasks, without having
to resort to complex and expensive applications.

idWorkplace allows you to make rational and objective decisions on your professions,
your activities, on the collaborative productivity of your organization through dashboards
and a large number of indicators provided in our solution.

Finally idWorkplace allows you to structure,
improve and promote employee adoption of Microsoft 365 tools.

This application is available in English and French.