Billing subscription to Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

ITProCloud GmbH

Billing subscription to Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

ITProCloud GmbH

Licensing Hydra, the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) management platform for any organization

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and all-in solution to manage Azure Virtual Desktop in terms of cost savings, imaging, rollout, user handling, automation, and life-cycle management? Then Hydra is your solution.

Hydra is the solution to manage Azure Virtual Desktop for one or more tenants. Hydra's web platform allows administrators to deploy new session hosts, configure an auto-adapt scaling, maintain session hosts and pools automatically, and much more. A full set of features is described in the marketplace item "Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop". Use the link to install your Hydra into your environment first.

Use this subscription to purchase the commercial version of Hydra with no limits after the free one-month trial period ends. Billing is based on the maximum number of concurrent users connected to Azure Virtual Desktop in the last month - independent from the number of named users. Billing happens through the Azure subscription.

Key features
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Management of user sessions
  • Image management
  • Management of session hosts
  • Automatic disk change
  • Autoscale / Autoadapt / Auto consolidate hosts
  • Scripts and Script Collections
  • And much more

Key benefits
  • Let manage Hydra the core aspects of your Azure Virtual Desktop environment
  • Save resources costs while using Hydras' automation and scaling options
  • Automatically update and patch session hosts
  • Give your helpdesk a powerful solution to support your end-users

What our customers say

"We are using Hydra in any Azure Virtual Desktop project to offer our customers and straightforward and easy-to-use solution to manage their environments." - A consulting company, Europe

"We are using Hydra to simple work with Azure Virtual Desktop. Any aspect of user handling, image creation, rollout, and maintenance are covered. And even the perfect scaling approach makes our business case perfect." - Head of Network & Connectivity, Media Group, Europe

About ITProCloud GmbH

ITProCloud GmbH is a company based in Germany. We are building solutions to manage Microsoft Azure services. WVDAdmin and Hydra are the famous solutions we build to enable any company to work with Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop like a pro. As a cloud-native company, we are happy to share knowledge and tools with our customers and the community.

Try Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop now

Suppose you have not already installed your Hydra instance; try it now for free. Hydra works free for a month and in a community mode after this time. The community mode has no limits except a maximum number of six session hosts. To start and continue with Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop, follow these steps:

  • Install and configure Hydra in your environment
  • Use this subscription to purchase the commercial version of Hydra - Click Get it now in the top left corner.