Cerebrata - Azure Management Tool

Kovai Ltd

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Cerebrata - Azure Management Tool

Kovai Ltd

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Azure Management Tool

Cerebrata is a cross-platform desktop tool (Windows, macOS, and Linux) for code-free and secure management of Microsoft Azure services. The tool propels an Azure developer's productivity by enabling access to all Azure services from a single desktop tool.

You can manage Azure Services like Service Bus, Storage, Cosmos DB, Redis Cache, and Event Grid associated with your day-to-day business activities. Also, migrate your data between multiple Azure services with just a button click.

Key benefits:

Leverage the repository of carefully designed features to help you work with multiple Azure services in a faster and more secure way.

Azure Storage

· Create, list, update, and delete resources like blobs, files, queues, and tables

· Easily build complex queries and save them with the in-built query manager

· Get faster and real-time visibility into your storage queues with insight into queue consumer applications

Azure Cosmos DB

· Manage data in accounts targeting SQL, Gremlin, Table, and Mongo DB API

· Perform CRUD operations on databases, containers, and items

· Visualize complex data in an easy to view grid format

Azure Service Bus

· Peek and Re-submit messages with no real-time restrictions on the message count

· Real-time monitoring of active, dead lettered, scheduled, transferred, transferred dead lettered messages

· One-click model to remove all messages from Queues or Topic Subscriptions

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