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Manage climate risks across your assets and operations.

Are you ready to make climate-intelligent decisions for your assets?
With EarthScan™, now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, you can unlock the power of on-demand climate intelligence to safeguard your investments, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance your asset resilience.

Key Features:

1. Climate Risk Assessment: EarthScan provides you with a comprehensive view of historical, current, and predictive climate risk for your physical assets. This includes an analysis of acute and chronic hazards such as heat stress, precipitation, flooding (coastal and riverine), wind, drought, and wildfire. Explore multiple time horizons and climate scenarios, from 1970 to 2100, including business-as-usual, 2040 emissions peak, and Paris Agreement-aligned projections.

2. Ratings: Evaluate your asset's climate-related risk with EarthScan's Ratings™. Assets are ranked from A (Very Low climate-related risk) to F (Extremely High climate-related risk), enabling you to understand and compare the risk levels across your portfolio.

3. TCFD-Aligned Reports: Stay ahead of mandatory climate-related financial disclosure requirements with EarthScan's auto-generated TCFD-aligned risk reports. These reports quantify the exposure risk of physical climate hazards on your assets globally, offering insights across different timescales - historic trends, short-term, mid-term, and long-term forecasts (1970–2100). Customize, share, and download reports as needed, including charts, text, and citations.

4. Earth Science AI™: EarthScan leverages cutting-edge Earth Science AI™ to unify and process the latest climate data, combining it with earth science expertise, data modeling, and machine learning. This technology translates peer-reviewed climate science into actionable insights for decision-makers in enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs.

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Industries Benefiting from EarthScan:

Real Estate: For real estate owners, managers, occupants, and investors, EarthScan offers vital insights into when, where, and how physical risks will affect their assets. This includes informed decisions on property investments, retrofitting assets for climate resilience, and identifying properties most vulnerable to climate events.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing assets, factories, and supply chains face disruptions due to volatile climate events. EarthScan helps establish operational resilience, reassure stakeholders, and protect profits and reputation by pre-empting risks and implementing necessary measures.

Infrastructure: As climate change intensifies, the risks to essential infrastructure increase. EarthScan empowers local councils and national governments to factor in physical climate risk for urban development, protect vital services, and prioritize assets that face the most severe risk.

Make climate intelligence your strategic advantage with EarthScan on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Start making informed decisions, safeguarding your assets, and building resilience in the face of climate change today.