Mphasis CG


Mphasis CG


Mphasis CG - Reimagine user experience through conversational interfaces

Mphasis CG is a Rapid Chatbot Development environment built over Microsoft AI technologies and built using popular opensource technologies for enterprises to swiftly design, build, deploy and establish a Chatbot environment for use by its users and/or its customers. CG empowers enterprises to reimagine the user experience by enabling a conversational interface for its users to connect with the enterprise systems & business processes.

CG can improve service desk operations vastly. CG can boost cross-selling & up-selling of products & services. CG can greatly reduce the time it takes for new users in using a complex engineering product. CG can be a perfect buddy for a new recruit in an enterprise.


  • Web-based Rapid Chatbot Development environment for building and deploying Talents that perform specific functions
  • Scalable chatbot environment enabling enterprises to add new Talents created using NodeJS
  • Libraries to connect with enterprise systems that expose REST / SOAP API’s for Talents to exchange information with the enterprise systems as a part of automating specific business workflows
  • Realtime analytics on the usage of Talents by enterprise users who have been granted access to use the Talents
  • Multitenant environment enabling Talents to be configured to work for specific groups of users
  • Audit controls to trace all chat conversations with appropriate PII masking
  • Supervised learning environment for training the Natural Language Processing (NLP) model based on how users have been using the system
  • Platform hosted on very minimal hardware infrastructure either on-premise or on the cloud


Drastically reduce your SLA’s for getting tasks done by onboarding Chatbots


Reduce the cost of operations, service by deflecting tasks to Chatbots


Augment services with Chatbots that can handle basic, repeatable tasks


  • More than 50% reduction in effort and schedule required to design, build, deploy and establish a Chatbot environment for the enterprise
  • More than 60% reduction in the cost of building and deploying a Chatbot environment within an enterprise due to the use of opensource technologies, popular NLP technologies, and a robust Chatbot framework
  • More than 40% improvement in productivity of Agents, Users with less time & effort spent on training and searching for information