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October is a self-hosted CMS based on the PHP programming language.

October is a self-hosted CMS based on the PHP programming language and Laravel web application framework. It supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL for the database backend and uses a database for the front end structure. October is more widely used, and growing at a faster rate, than its leading flat-file CMS competitors.

Niles Partners, one of the leading IT solutions providers is configuring October a content management system, which is embedded with Ubuntu along with ready-to-launch machine image on Azure cloud that contains Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

October CMS features

Web Development is simple

Simple modern template engine

Laravel framework

Extensible platform

Simple AJAX framework

Quick Scaffolding

October is conceived as a "back to basics" web platform that makes website creation, design, and editing faster and more intuitive. October CMS covers an extensive range of capabilities such as users, permissions, and plugins; it can be utilized to build everything from simple promotional sites to powerful web applications. October supports the use of themes

Why choose October?

Simple powerful and reliable

Translatable content

Restricted access to the configuration possible (2 levels)

Meaningful structure of user files

Versioning content

October CMS platform is generally favored among developers due to its small learning curve and unique template system that makes it easily manageable with version control systems. The free builder plugin user can create a fully functional plugin scaffold in a matter of minutes. Builder manage the plugin's database structure, create back-end user interface and do much more without breaking your usual development workflow.

Niles Partners provides hardened images of October CMS on the Azure marketplace. The company provides secure, up-to-date, and best cloud computing services to a varied client base all across the world. Our network of expert developers has more experience than any other consultants and they’d love to help you. The major benefit of working with Niles is that you will get to work with dedicated, highly qualified, talented, and experienced developers.