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PHP-Fusion is a lightweight open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP.

PHP-Fusion is a lightweight open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. PHP-Fusion utilizes a MySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple, yet comprehensive and complete administration system to manage your sites.

We are launching a product which will configure and publish PHP-Fusion, an open source content management system which is embedded pre-configured tool with LAMP and ready-to-launch VM on Azure that contains PHP-Fusion, Apache, MySQL, Linux, PHP (LAMP).

PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals, blogs or just personal sites.

User interaction features include:

  • Responsiveness
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • SEF - Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • User Preferences
  • Multi Site
  • News System
  • Photo Gallery
  • Messaging

Other Features:


License : AGPL, Programming Language : PHP 5, Data Management : MySQL, MySQL Database layer, IPv6 Support, XHTML 1.0 Valid

Basic Features:

Theming, User Preferences, Multi Site, Forums, Web Links, News System, Photo Gallery, Articles System, FaQ System, Contact Form, Comments API, Ratings API, Search API, Shoutbox, Site Polls, Forum Polls, Messaging.

Output Handling:

Custom head tags for all scripts, Custom Output Handlers, Output Manipulation, Dynamic Page Titles


Front-end Theming, Table based Themes, Div based Themes, Customization Options, Custom Search Modules, Custom User Fields, Custom Infusions, Custom BBCodes, Custom Themes, Custom Smileys, Custom Panels, Custom Pages


Members Management (Suspensions, Bans, Security Bans, Anonymize, Deactivate), Users can log in on different devices simultaneously setting, Maintenance mode can be activated, MIME file checker, Bad words list, Email Bans, Password Hashing, Admin Rights, CAPTCHA, Securimage, Securimage 2, reCAPTCHA, Panel Disabling, Admin Password, User Admin Separated by Rights, Flood Control, Bad Words Filter, Flood Auto Ban Option, SHA256 password hashing, Individual salt for all users, Errors only visible for Administrators

Site settings:

Site Protocol, Site Host, Site Path, Site Port, Site Keywords, Site Description, Site Locale, Enabled Languages, SMTP Host, SMTP Port, SMTP Authentication, SMTP Username, SMTP Password, Site Theme, Error Log, User Log, Default search location, Admin Password Reset, Drag and Drop panels, Edit robots.txt, Custom Error Logging, Use TinyMCE HTML editor, Allow Guests to post, Enable comment system, Enable avatar comments, Enable ratings system, Enable visitor counter, Display site render time ( Yes, All, Yes, Only Admins, No )