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Maximize GPU performance for your Deep Learning, Machine Learning & HPC applications with this image

Deploy a VM instance with NVIDIA’s VM image certified for maximum performance on NVIDIA GPUs, and easy access to NVIDIA NGC.

The NVIDIA GPU-Optimized VMI is a virtual machine image for accelerating your Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and HPC workloads. Using this VMI, you can spin up a GPU-accelerated Compute Engine VM instance in minutes with a pre-installed Ubuntu OS, GPU driver, Docker and NVIDIA container toolkit.

This VMI provides easy access to NVIDIA's NGC Catalog, a hub for GPU-optimized software, for pulling & running performance-tuned, tested, and NVIDIA certified docker containers. The NGC catalog provides free access to containerized AI, Data Science, and HPC applications, pre-trained models, AI SDKs and other resources to enable data scientists, developers, and researchers to focus on building and deploying solutions.

This GPU-optimized VMI is free with an option to purchase enterprise support offered through NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA GPU-Optimized AMI includes:
  • Ubuntu Server OS
  • NVIDIA Driver
  • Docker-ce
  • NVIDIA Container Toolkit
  • Azure CLI, NGC CLI
  • Miniconda, JupyterLab, Git

This VMI does not support NVIDIA GPU A10. Please use this NVIDIA GPU-Optimized VMI with vGPU driver

For information on documentation and release notes please check NVIDIA GPU-Optimized VMI documentation

Enterprise support for business is offered through NVIDIA AI Enterprise licenses that need to be purchased separately.

The benefits of enterprise support include

Broad Platform Support:
Full enterprise grade support for every deployment option including bare metal, virtualized, containerized, GPU and CPU, and public cloud

Access to NVIDIA AI Experts:
8-5 local business hours for guidance on configuration and performance, including access to engineering

Priority notifications:
Latest security fixes and maintenance releases

Long term support:
For up to 3-years for designated software branches

Customized support upgrade options:
Including a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Business Critical support for 24x7 live agent access

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