Improve the productivity of your company with better Teams/SharePoint usage

Boost your productivity with 365booster, the all-in-one tool for Microsoft Teams, Office, and SharePoint users.

Using complex collaboration applications to their fullest potential can prove very challenging, 365booster comes to your aid to make operating them seamless and user-friendly, with a whole new and easy-to-operate user interface that adds new features and simplifies existing ones.

Some of the features included in the product:

- Unique and progressive naming for teams, sites, and boxes.

- Different mailboxes for each team, with the possibility of sending emails (Shared Mailbox, free based on the current Azure Exchange price policy).

- 1:1:1 match between team, site, and mailbox.

- One-click access team, mailbox, and website.

- Managing access permissions to teams and channels without needing to resort to system admins.

- Teams and sites with a standardized structure: your channel set, your document fold structure, your default permissions.

- Cloud file sharing with partners and suppliers.

- Compact viewing of the complete list of generated teams with the ability to filter by a range of personalized metadata-based criteria.

- Ability to browse team files through Windows Explorer.

- Responsive web interface that runs in all the most popular browsers including on smartphones.

Let 365booster take care of the intricacies while you focus on what truly is important!

Each plan is valid for one Microsoft 365™ License, and it gives you complete access to all functions.