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Next generation calculation engine


Next generation payroll

Managing the complexity related with payroll regulation and creating a unique experience for both employers and employees.

Enable users to generate, simulate and compare different scenarios to support their quest in reaching the optimal situation. The extreme performance and advanced versioning mechanism allow real-time simulation with both data and upcoming legislation.

Real-time payroll

Process tens of thousands of calculations per second and get instant feedback about the calculation results. With the Viren-platform, the days are over in which calculating your payroll takes hours or even days to complete.

Low cost

Shift to a pay-per-use model and optimize the cost structure related with payroll calculation. Enable dynamic up- and downscaling of the necessary infrastructure to match supply with demand.

Correct management of evolving regulation

Guarantee compliant payroll calculation using the advanced versioning capabilities offered by the Viren-platform. Get a clear overview of the continuously changing regulation and even predict the impact of upcoming legislative changes. 100% transparency enabling a true "digital trust"

Get access to all the details related with a calculation to enable a true "digital trust". The Viren-platform offers this level of transparency both at design time, when implementing the calculation, and at runtime, when executing a calculation.


Gross-net simulator

Implementation of an online gross-net and employer cost simulator for the public sector in Belgium.


Implementation of an international payroll engine using the Viren-software platform.

Individual Exit Calculation (SWT)

Implementation of an individual exit - and early-retirement calculation for Belgian employees.

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