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(1 valutazioni) enables anyone to sell event tickets online, manage attendees and event admission. enables anyone to create events and sell tickets online and on mobile.

For event organizers who sell tickets online, provides a simple, modern, and affordable platform for creating events, collecting payment, issuing QR Code e-tickets, and managing attendees.

Creating Events:
With, anyone can create and publish beautiful event web pages that work well on mobile devices.

Events created can be for any type of event. For example Charity, Free Admission, Paid-for etc.

Charging For Events:
For tickets that require payment, event organizers can choose to use payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square, CashApp, Alipay, PayUMoney, PayU, Instamojo, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, FPX , AsiaPay and many more.

Money earned from the ticket sales are INSTANTLY deposited to the payment gateway account that was used to charge the buyer's credit or debit card.

Issuing Tickets:, makes it easy to issue unique QR code e-tickets that are sent via email, can be saved on Passbook or Wallet, or even be printed.

A free iOS and Android app is available for scanning and validating these QR code mobile tickets.

Managing Attendees:
Event organizers are able to view attendee details such as names, email addresses and mobile numbers. Attendee details can also be imported or exported to CSV files.

Communicating with the attendees can be scheduled and done via email, SMS or automated voice calls.

Integrate your account with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Google Sheets, Zapier, or Excel Online. Attendees names and email addresses will be added to the integrated platform automatically.

- View ticket sales and revenue reports.
- View checked-in attendees data. Also includes non-attendance data.
- Generate reports in Power BI.
- Export various reports to CSV files.

- Get automated chat message notifications in Microsoft Team channels for milestones achieved, such as ticket sales, ticket revenues, attendee check-ins, etc.
- Push and webhook notifications for many configurable custom conditions such as ticket sales, attendee check-ins, etc.

Our Charges:
- Free Admission or Charity events are free of charge.
- Paid-for events only get charged USD $1 per ticket regardless of the ticket price or quantity sold.