Floatbot Uno - No Code Voicebot Builder


Floatbot Uno - No Code Voicebot Builder


Floatbot is a SaaS-based Conversational AI platform that helps in building no-code unified bots.

Floatbot is a SaaS-based Omni-channel Conversational AI platform for FIs, Banks, Insurances, and Enterprises, to configure Voicebot and Chatbot. Its DIY “No Code” platform allows building unified bots [Voicebots and Chatbots] using advance Workflow builder and Conversational AI tools. 
Floatbot is working to solve real problems in industry, which include use cases such as "increasing digital sales”, “automating lead qualification”, “automating inbound and outbound calls”, "providing 24/7 customer service" and "empowering agents with digital tools”. 
Floatbot UNO, a Conversational AI-powered Voicebot platform [2-way conversational Voicebot] integrates with leading contact center solutions [Nice inContact, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Five9, etc.] and automates upto 60% of the contact center activities. At any time, the Voicebot can transfer the call to a human agent or hang up the call if customer queries are addressed. Along with calls, Floatbot allows users to continue the conversation through chat channels such as WhatsApp or Text. Floatbot allows users to seamlessly switch between voice and chat channels while maintaining past sessions and the context of the conversation.

  • Features- Deep Tech AI

  1. NLP Engine

Building a knowledge base using advanced unsupervised deep learning models from structure and unstructured data.

  1. Self-Learning AI

Speech-to-Text and NLP modules auto-learns from unlabelled voice data and user queries and adds to the AI knowledge base.

  1. Voice Biometric

Authenticate a user’s voice in real-time. All you need is 20-40 seconds of an audio log of a user to train a neural network model.

  1. Speech-to-text

End-to-end deep learning-based speech recognition, that performs well with noisy environments and multiple languages, dialects and accents. 

  1. Text to speech

The Neural TTS system synthesizes high-quality natural-sounding speech depicting a human conversation.

  1. Human-in-loop

Self-learns from user-agent chat. Bot admin can do supervised learning to continuously improve bot performance.