Migration to Azure: 4-Week Assessment

ABCloudZ, Inc.

Get a plan on how to transform your business with us just in a 4-week assessment journey.

We will show you the options and methods for optimizing your infrastructure and licensing costs. Whether you need to migrate your data warehouse to Azure, or from one database to another, look no further. We will help you understand the pros and cons of your current solution, how your infrastructure, database, and applications can be modernized, and when you can realize the financial benefits from the transformation.

Our 4-week assessment includes Discovery and Analysis phases, which are represented in the following steps:

1. Architecture discussion. Identifying the current and future state architecture allows us to pick the right tools and approach, and build the timeline and the plan on how to get you to the destination point. If you aren’t familiar with your current architecture, we can analyze and document it for you.

2. One-time migration vs. Modernization vs. Unification. The requirements and expectations of every business are unique. We will offer the best solution to align with your financial and technical expectations. A common approach is to combine techniques for the best long-term results, especially when bringing outdated systems up to date.

3. Database Migration Analysis. Analyze the code and schema to determine the best method for migration. We will determine the overall number of objects to be converted, and review samples of varying complexity (i.e. high, medium, low). With these findings, we will extrapolate and determine the best method and level of effort required to migrate.

4. Application Migration Analysis. Discovering dependencies between databases, applications, and any other connections is crucial to ensure business continuity for you and your customers. Modernization or remediation plans may be necessary for your applications.

5. Data Migration Analysis. We will assess and come up with the best approach to migrate your data while keeping its consistency.

6. Testing and Cutover planning. Every migration requires testing. We recommend running a test migration or modernization on a separate server to ensure that the approach is successful and fill the gaps immediately if any issues are discovered. Cutover is the final step in modernization or migration – once the new system is tested as working properly, the old system can be retired.

7. CI (continuous integration) / CD (continuous deployment) analysis. Our migration can fit into your existing CI/CD process. We will analyze your existing CI/CD process and offer a plan for improvement.

Upon completion of the journey, you will receive a high-level project plan and architecture diagrams, including level of effort, costs, findings, and recommendations for methods and/or tools to affect the future state.

Our Competencies:

  • App Development
  • Platform and Application Modernization
  • Managed Services
  • Consulting