Azure Migrate Service - 4-Week Assessment

Advania Finland Oy

Azure Migrate Service is a four step assessment program for mapping customer workloads and translating the data into migration and modernization plan for transferring their workloads to Azure

Navigating in the middle of Digital Transformation with a blurry map can lead you astray. Our Azure Migrate Service provides you with a clear pathway for your cloud transformation.

Advania’s Cloud Migrate Service for Azure is a proven four step service that helps customers transform their existing workloads to Azure. Our pathway type of approach assesses the future operating costs and risks leading to faster Time to Market as well as lower Total Cost of Ownership.

As customers consider migrating to Azure, they need a technical And financial assessment to determine if their workloads are good candidates for cloud migration.

Advania helps customers by assessing the current workloads, together with dependencies and application modernization possibilities. Assessment data is gathered via specialized tools that are able to collect information from your environment regarding provisioning and dependencies.

Advania produces a cloud transition plan report based on the data gathered on first step

Transition plan report is a document that guides customers journey to cloud and It includes migration plans per workload as well as plans for application modernization.

Migration Migrating customer workloads to the cloud

Application modernization Modernization of customer workloads according to the transition plan

Transition plan also includes project cost estimate if the migration and modernization work is to be carried out by Advania's Cloud Adoption Team

After migration and modernization stages have completed, Advania and Customer will verify successful transition. Advania will perform workload optimization based on monitoring data.

Advania will arrange a project closure meeting where customer will accept the project as completed.

Deliverables Transition Plan report detailing your next steps for a cloud migration. The report also contains project cost estimate if the work is carried out by Advania Cloud Adoption specialists