Azure Stack HCI Assessment: 5-day

Acuutech Ltd

Azure Stack HCI Discovery, Assessment, Sizing, Deployment and Migration offerings - contact us today for further details to customize to your specific requirements

We understand the value Azure Stack HCI brings through many customer deployments, developing a full range of services starting from Discovery Workshops, Assessments, Sizing, Deployment and Migration offerings providing a comprehensive set of solutions that can be custom fit to your requirement no matter how big or small.

Acuutech provides an Azure Stack HCI solution without the complexity

We can Scope solutions without the technical headache providing you with optimized configurations in seconds. With Acuutech ScopeSys; design tuned AS HCI solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Let Acuutech and ScopeSys do the design math for you, always updated with the latest hardware and Azure Stack HCI feature changes, it correctly calculates the optimum hardware and networking configuration for your needs, allowing you to focus on your business.

Fully managed planning

We all know that planning Azure Stack deployments is a complex activity, with many stages where problems can occur:

making sure all the parts arrive

collecting configuration information

planning deliveries or building access

integrating with existing systems

We provide more than simple professional services or consultation, Acuutech takes care of everything,

Managed automated deployment

Fully automated remote deployment anywhere in the world, from bare metal to a fully working solution,

We are also a Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Systems Integration partner and can be found in the following link for further overview and company details