Azure Analytics Portfolio Assessment: 3-Wk engagement

Adaptiv Integration Limited

Unlock growth with Adaptiv's tailored Azure analytics solutions. Address challenges, ensure compliance, and transition seamlessly to Azure for smarter, secure data insights.

What is this offer about? In a data-driven era, the right analytics setup is crucial, not merely an advantage. Adaptiv's Analytics Portfolio Assessment, rooted in our vast Azure expertise and industry understanding, provides a tailored framework for all business sizes. It covers your current challenges, ensures compliance, and offers a seamless transition to Azure analytics, mitigating risks like data security issues and operational cost hikes. With our Assessment, embark on a data-driven journey on Azure, optimised for present and future success, ensuring faster, smarter, and more secure data insights.

Adaptiv’s Engagement Model Our engagement model for the Analytics Portfolio Assessment is intricately woven with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to harnessing Azure's analytics capabilities. This offering is more than just an assessment; it's a roadmap to data-driven success on Azure, tailored to your unique business needs.

  1. Review: Conduct workshops and interviews to understand your current analytics landscape, technologies in place, and any existing Azure analytics setups.
  2. Define: Collaborate to identify future requirements, understand your strategy, and outline necessary people, processes, and technologies for your analytics journey.
  3. Roadmap: Develop a comprehensive roadmap for success, highlighting areas for potential risks and vulnerabilities in your analytics framework.
  4. Present: Share the strategy with senior stakeholders, ensuring clarity, alignment, and a shared vision for the future of your analytics journey.

Ideal customer profile

Challenge 1: Is your business losing its competitive edge due to outdated analytics? Businesses facing a loss in competitive advantage due to outdated analytics tools can significantly benefit from our Analytics Portfolio Assessment. Our tailored approach identifies the gaps in your current analytics setup, proposing modern Azure-based solutions to regain and enhance your market competitiveness

Challenge 2: Are unexpected customer churn rates impacting your bottom line? If unexpected customer churn rates are affecting your bottom line, our assessment service provides a thorough analysis of your analytics landscape. By aligning your data strategies with business objectives, we aim to provide actionable insights that can help in better understanding customer behavior and reducing churn rates.

Challenge 3: Overwhelmed by skyrocketing data infrastructure costs without clear ROI? Organisations overwhelmed by soaring data infrastructure costs without a clear ROI can find value in our assessment. We meticulously evaluate your current data spending and infrastructure, suggesting a roadmap towards a more cost-effective, Azure- based analytics setup that aligns with your budget and financial goals.

AT A GLANCE COST: Est. $30,000-$40,000

DELIVERABLES: • Workshop Summaries • Data Estate Report • Business Outcome Alignment • Prioritisation Matrix • Analytics Roadmap • Strategy Document

BENEFITS: • Futureproofing: Plan to move forward • Clarity on business costs, opportunity • Roadmap: A plan of your business, a plan to understand the gaps within your organisation. • Clarity on budgeting

TIME TO VALUE: 3-4 weeks