Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Advania AB

Implement an optimized AvD infrastructure that enables organizations to benefit from the power of having their co-workers working in an agile and modern way, that meet today´s business needs.

Working remotely is a new standard, with Advania managed Azure Virtual Desktop you will rapidly get access to a modern way of working platform that integrates with your current infrastructure, reduces license cost and increases security. Advania brings knowledge and stability from over 20 years as a service provider and will give you a managed modern way of working client platform.

Why use Managed Azure Virtual Desktop service from Advania?

  • Remote access to data and application can be a complex, expensive and extensive platform to manage
  • A certified Microsoft AMP-partner with over 20 years experience from workplace projects
  • Utilize cloud services in an optimal way that aligns with the hybrid business, your organization and suit today's modern way of working

Deliverables and outcome:

Set up and evaluate Advania's Managed Azure Virtual Desktop solution
  • Configure Azure landing zone
  • Policies
  • Profiles
  • Image
  • Applicable applications to use
  • Applicable users for testing
Pilot execution (PoC):
  • Testing / Users / Application performance
  • Present result with recommendations
  • Review of PoC
Outcome of PoC:
  • PoC environment Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation / performance
  • Recommended next steps