Microsoft Azure AD: 5-Day Assessment

Advania AB

Assessment based on your specific environment and data that help your organization understand and improve your Azure Active Directory environment.

The Azure AD Assessment offering is being developed and maintained by Microsoft ́s Identity product group. Advania is the first Microsoft partner to be authorized to deliver this assessment to its customers. We want to help you ensure that your Azure AD environment is working correctly before and after an upgrade, migration, merger or acquisition. This offer will also prepare your platform for onboarding of additional Microsoft cloud services.


Identify lack of recommended practices for a well-managed and secure Azure AD environment. Improve Identity and Access Management Posture

How we do it:

Data is collected in a workshop-style meeting and analyzed to identify deviations from Microsoft’s recommendations. These findings are combined with Advania ́s recommended practices based on our experience with previous implementations. The analyzed data is used to identify findings that are classified by priority. The reports have comments and recommendations tailored to your specific environment. At the end of the delivery an executive summary is presented with the detailed reports. The remediation activities are planned together based on your priorities.


This is a five-day engagement with two days onsite with your team. The five days will not be sequential dates.

Preparation: Identify participants, Set dates, Prerequisites Day 1: Interviews, Data collection Day 2-4: Data Analysis, Prepare report Day 5: Executive summary, Technical remediation planning

Executive Summary:

High level summary Results and recommendations Detailed Report Detailed list of identified findings Recommended actions with comments by Azure AD Experts Reference document with detailed description of checks Power BI model