Data Strategy on Azure: 4 week Implementation

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

A comprehensive data strategy and associated roadmap can help you align your data strategy to your business vision.

In a competitive marketplace, your data is the key to gaining a business advantage. But you need to think about a few things first:

  • A vision of your strategic business objectives, which will enable you to align your data strategy to your business needs
  • A clear strategy for how to take care of it
  • A clear focus on the right data, people and processes
  • Effective tools and technologies to manage and analyse it

Agile Solutions can help you at every stage to enable you to reach your data strategy goals and maximise your investment in Microsoft Azure.

  • Look at your current strategic vision, underlying data availability, strategy, design, architecture and data management maturity
  • Review your business case and planned initiatives
  • Review your delivery plan and use cases

You then will be able to define your:

  • Data vision aligned to business strategy
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Desired data architecture
  • Desired operating model
  • Azure adoption strategy (Agile & Cloud Adoption Framework)
  • A capability roadmap for achieving data architecture and data management maturity
  • Data governance and data quality management best practice

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