Cloud Architecture: 4-Week Assessment

Agitare Technologies, Inc.

An expert architecture assessment of your current Azure cloud application environment

This 4 week Azure architecture assessment helps management, line-of-business and IT teams validate the design of their cloud deployment and identify potential areas of improvements. The assessment is conducted via series of interviews with cloud operations and application teams, automated environment scans and an offline architecture review.


  • An architecture review document describing your current cloud architecture, recommended cloud architecture practices and areas for improvement
  • A detailed architecture diagram of your current application environment
  • An architecture diagram with proposed improvements using cloud-native services
  • Infrastructure security review document with recommendations for improvements
  • Infrastructure monitoring and alerting review document with recommendations for improvements


Week 1: Information Gathering

  • Interview sessions
  • Assessment of application requirements, user personas, data types and business goals
  • Assessment of application operation practices

Week 2: Application Environment Review

  • Automated environment scans
  • Manual environment review
  • Clarification sessions

Week 3: Architecture Review and Recommendations

  • Architecture review
  • Draft architecture documentation

Week 4: Final Documentation and Management Presentations

  • Final architecture documentation
  • Assessment review with the application and operations team
  • Assessment review with the management team

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