4-Wk Proof of Concept to Embrace Azure (eAzure)

Alpha Data LLC

This offering is a strategically designed and proven Cloud Adoption methodology in alignment with Microsoft's recommendation. The service will empower the Customers to embrace Azure with confidence.

Alpha Data’s Embrace Azure or eAzure is not a typical platform offering but focused towards our advanced Customers who have adopted Cloud or at early stages of Cloud adoption and looking for steering the adoption towards consistent Cloud-only or Hybrid cloud models

The offering focuses on all the major areas in Cloud adoption that requires detailed structuring of services required to build a proper governance model and also to maintain, scale and automate the existing or new workloads.

The offering also enables building and developing in-house competencies on Microsoft Azure which in-turn enable the customers to operationalize the Public Cloud adoption.

Program Strategy • Reviewing existing Azure Platform Architecture • Azure Platform Design, management and implementation support • Security infrastructure design and implementation of Azure Operations • Azure advisory and consultation support • Migration services, Data and Application Modernization • Building DevOps framework • Creating Management strategy for managing the workloads • Build competency for existing IT Teams

Program Outcomes • Standardised best practices for Architecture, Security and Cost Management • Agility to handle requirements based on architectures and template solutions • Ease in platform deployment and on-boarding of solutions with less dependency from IT Teams • Scale-out cloud adoption capabilities • Automated environments across all business units