AKS Post-Deploy Operations: 10-Wk Implementation


Mentoring and upskilling customer platform teams with essential Kubernetes skills Reducing operational effort and filling knowledge gaps


  • GitOps mentoring, ensuring config is stored in source control, versioned, auditable, integrated with CI/CD and engineers are comfortable with Git workflows
  • Writing Infrastructure-as-Code and automating manual processes with Terraform
  • Pair-programming with engineers to create and customize Concourse CI/CD pipelines
  • Perform cluster validation and production-readiness checks
  • Platform Reliability Engineering including Cluster and Namespace management
  • Refactor and enhance anything that was lifted & shifted


  • Networking configured
  • Storage provider configured
  • Image registry
  • RBAC integration
  • Helm services deployed
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Centralised Logging
  • Automated Backups
  • Security assessment
  • Customer has performed one major upgrade and multiple minor Kubernetes upgrades
  • Additional workloads migrated


  • Active Development - Features are added easily and quickly using CI/CD workflows
  • Consistent quality - Less production issues and support requests. Automated testing and validation.
  • Quick setup time - Onboarding takes hours instead of days to start new projects
  • Frequent Patches/Upgrades -
  • Zero downtime security patches and upgrades. Developers get access to the latest Kubernetes features.
  • Scaling - Live dashboards with KPIs and KSIs leading to reduced infrastructure usage
  • Lower Operator Effort - Alerts system in place with minimal manual intervention and a small strong multi-skilled Platform team

Target Audience

  • Architects
  • Operators
  • DevOps engineers


  • AKS


  • Pairing
  • Mentoring
  • Enhancement