Azure Cost Optimization Assessment

Aptum Technologies (USA) Inc.

Gain foundational knowledge on cloud cost governance best practices along with actionable optimization recommendations

Do you need to gain insight into deployed resources, budget and manage costs, identify organizational ownership to create accountability and optimize workloads for cloud?

If you need to move the needle in any of these areas, the Cost Optimization Assessment from Aptum will provide real value for your planning and decision-making. This overarching assessment will educate you on cloud cost governance best practices, provide new insights and recommendations, along with an action plan to optimize and reduce costs in your Azure environment.

EDUCATE (EDUCATE ON COST GOVERNANCE AND BEST PRACTICES) - A cost governance best practice briefing will be delivered to help you understand the importance of continuous cost management in the cloud. Concepts such as, resource tagging, cost budgeting, cost transparency and cost accountability will be explored.

DISCOVERY (DISCOVER AND ACCESS THE ENVIRONMENT) - Aptum will connect our Cost Management tooling to gather insight from your Azure environment for the purpose of performing an in-depth analysis to uncover costs savings opportunities.

ANALYZE (VISUALIZE YOUR RESOURCES AND COSTS) - Cost insights will be gathered, reviewed and analyzed to produce actionable recommendations.

RECOMMENDATIONS (DETAILED REPORTS AND DOCUMENTATION) - Detailed reports and documentation will be tailored specifically to your Azure environment, providing actionable insights to identify resource waste, resource scheduling and scaling opportunities, and options to optimize your deployments to reduce costs.

GET AN OPTIMIZATION ACTION PLAN FOR FUTURE SUCCESS - Practical insights from Aptum’s Azure experts that identify not just what priorities you must address, but also an action plan for the steps you should take today to align your Azure environment to best practices.

Over just 10 days, Aptum’s Professional Services team turns large volumes of data into actionable insights!