Cloud Innovation Factory - 6 Months Workshop

Arrow ECS, a.s.

Helping Technology Partners (ISVs) expand, enhance and scale their solutions

At Arrow, we understand that each partner has its own objectives, aspirations, culture, capabilities and customers and through this, its own journey to success. The Cloud Innovation Factory is a programme to support technology partners to optimize, grow and continuously innovate their solutions and services to drive their business forward. Through working with Arrow, we will take time to understand your business and the objectives you are trying to achieve. We then create a joint plan to identify how we best work together so that you can meet your business outcomes. The plan will provide the blueprint of success that will be adapted over time as your business continues to grow and evolve.

The program includes 4 main phases:

  • 1-day Workshop for BUSINESS AND STRATEGY PLANNING - Understanding your business and strategy to identify how we can work together to drive your solutions forward.
  • 1-Months full of Workshops for ONBOARDING AND OPTIMISING - Supporting you to onboard your solutions on Azure with Arrow and to future ready your solutions to ensure long term success. Examples how and why to integrate application Security, Azure DDos and Ransomware protection, Data AI, Governance and Compliance. Explaining difference between single tenant and multitenant SaaS solution in Azure.
  • 1-Months full of Workshops to GROW YOUR BUSINESS - Service and solutions designed to help you accelerate into the market and find new opportunities to grow your business. Guidance how to become Microsoft business partners and gain extra financial support for being listed in Azure Marketplace and become part of Global Arrow Solution Hub as well.
  • 4-Months full of Workshops to gain extra cloud skills and CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATE - Helping you to update your solutions to address the changing needs of your customers and help you stay ahead. We focus on serverless technologies such as Azure Function, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Service, Azure Cosmo DB or Azure Cognitive Services. The goal is to take the complexity of the technology and move it to the business level, using methods like Infrastructure as a Code, Azure DevOps and Continuous development to bring the benefits of auto-scaling, easy deployment, instant code changes, 100% infrastructure utilization and thus paying for the resources used to everyday life.

Example Deliverables

The business and strategy planning sessions will help to jointly identify the areas in which we can best support your business in accelerating forward. This approach will provide the foundation for developing stable and resilient applications that can handle unexpected customer demands in any situation without the need for large investments in application monitoring and management. Below are an examples of just some of the services and processes we can support you with to ensure you can meet your goals.


  • ARROWSPHERE - Simplifies the operational complexity of delivering hybrid multi-cloud solutions.
  • SAAS ACADEMY - A series of enablement content covering key topics of cloud economics and scale business models to help SaaS ready your solution.
  • VENDOR BEST PRACTICE - Resources to help ensure your solutions align to the best practices of your chosen cloud platforms.
  • VENDOR TRAINING - Access to vendor training programmes to develop core skills for cloud development.


  • MARKETING CONSULTANCY - Sessions with our partner experts to provide insight and feedback on your go to market strategy and content.
  • MARKETING ECOSYSTEM - Connecting with our recommended marketing partners to help drive create your message and accelerate it into the market.
  • PARTNER COMMUNITY - Support to connect with other partners in our network to help develop your solution and gain insights and feedback.
  • MARKETPLACE ONBOARDING - Supporting you to marketplace ready your solutions including guidance on key requirements and business models for scale transactions.


  • TRAINING SERVICES - Courses and resources to help your teams stay up to date on the latest technology and earn vendor certifications.
  • CONSULTING SERVICES - These services would facilitate the design or architectural stage to a solution and be delivered through the Arrow Partner Ecosystem.
  • EDGE DEVICES - Through the Arrow division we can deliver a multitude of sensor and edge processing technologies. These technologies could be the foundation required for your new solution or designed into an existing solution to provide new data sources and meet business challenges we see in the markets.