Azure Cloud Journey - 2 Week Assessment

Arvato Systems

Which of your workloads are suitable for migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud? Our Azure experts support your cloud journey and analyze your workloads for readiness.

The goal of our Azure Cloud Journey Assessment is to provide our customers with an understanding of how to transform the requirements for digitizing their business processes with Azure Cloud Technology / Architecture and then identify a suitable operational model to be implement.

The content is about following topics:

  • Areas of application and evaluation of varios IaaS-,SaaS-, PaaS- and hybrid cloud models - Which cloud model fits to which workload?

  • Information Security & Data protection in the cloud – What are the possibilities? What are current and upcoming legal requirements?

  • Application / Workloads play a central role on the way to the cloud - Which are qualified for cloud migration?

  • Possible transformation scenarios including the integration into the existing IT environment. How do they look like and how long does it take?

  • Cloud Provider Management requires new forms of cooperation – what do they look like?

In our Azure Cloud Journey Assessment, we show you which of your workloads through a migration to Azure meet your requirements to digital business processes optimally. Through the example of a customer workload, all aspects of a consistent solution on Azure are demonstrated.

The results of the assessment are:

  • Options for the design of an architecture on Azure for defined workloads

  • Options for the design of the operational model on Azure and possible transformation scenarios

  • Options for the design of the changing requirements of Compliance, Security and Governance

  • Recommendations for next steps towards migration of your workloads to the Azure Cloud

Note: The stated price for the assessment is an estimate based on empirical values

Microsoft Cloud services help to make your workloads more scalable, improve your responsiveness and reduce your cost while delivering a high degree of data reliability and resiliency.