Microsoft Secure Identity Access Management (IAM) Deployment: 1-Week POC


Safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Identity, for a comprehensive approach to security that’s end-to-end, best-of-breed, and AI-powered.

Today's businesses face a broad and growing array of security threats, from ransomware attacks to identity theft and more. You need to protect your user's identities against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, as well as detect and respond to threats against your IT environment in general. The goal is to manage secure access to company resources so that the right people can do their jobs and the wrong people, like hackers, are denied entry. An IAM system enables your organization to quickly and accurately verify a person’s identity and then validate that they have the necessary permissions to use the requested resource during each access attempt.

In this engagement, our team will leverage best-of-breed tools to ensure identity protection and secure resource access for your business through sophisticated analytics and AI-based solutions.

  • Microsoft Sentinel is Microsoft's best-of-breed tool for simplifying security operations with intelligent security analytics that allow you to surface sophisticated threats and respond decisively with a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution for proactive threat detection, investigation, and response.

  • Microsoft Defender for Identity protects your on-premises and cloud identities with intelligent anomaly detection via User Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) and machine learning (ML) to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions directed at your organization that might otherwise be overlooked.

Atmosera will review your existing security and IT environment, understand the current infrastructure and platforms in use, and then deploy and configure an initial footprint of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Identity to protect your business against identity access type threats.

Atmosera is a Microsoft Security Solution Partner (MSSP), an Azure Expert MSP, and a multiple Advanced Specialization partner, the highest recognition possible from Microsoft. We were awarded the IAMCP Worldwide Microsoft Channel Partner of the year in 2018 and 2022, and in 2019 we won the MSUS Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud. You can’t be in better hands than with Atmosera.