External Identity Access Management- 1Day Briefing


Avaleris developed a Capability Maturity Model for organizations to quickly assess their current state of External Identity & Access Management policies, procedures & technology against best practices


The right foundation for External Identity & Access Management (EIAM) can help protect your organization from threats and makes it easy to onboard and provide a great user experience for your partners and customers. This briefing will prepare your organization with a set of high-level recommendations to help you determine the optimal path to begin deploying External Identity solutions.


  • Understand how to secure access for external users with multi-factor authentication and conditional access.
  • Learn how to improve the user experience by going password-less, using self-service password resets and/or single sign-on.
  • Develop a plan to onboard external users to your applications quickly and easily.
  • Deliverables:

    Day One:

  • Presentation of Microsoft technologies including Azure Active Directory for B2B and B2C scenarios.
  • Assessment of current state using Avaleris’ Capability Maturity Model for External Identity.
  • Recommendations and prioritized next steps to guide your organization’s External Identity journey.
  • Avaleris proposes to provide services as outlined in this offer, our pricing is based on our understanding of the project and the defined scope and associated assumptions.