Azure DevOps for 1C: 1-day assessment

Awara IT Solutions LLC

Awara IT holds assessments for 1C users that need to improve their performance using Azure DevOps to empower software development process.

Awara IT provides assessment for companies that use 1C that will help to organize work and control indicators in the cloud using Azure DevOps approaches.

How will this assessment help?

When using Azure DevOps for your 1C ERP, you will receive improved development and testing processes, supported by Microsoft best practices. You will better track who did what and also get more testing resources of higher quality, as well as automated development.

We will explain how Azure DevOps helps you track tasks, manage releases and testing, easily connect additional tools, and even enable continuous deployment.

For whom?

Companies using 1C as one of ERP systems. 1С development project managers, IT specialists, 1С administrators, CIOs, digital transformation directors.


  • Transparent development based on close teamwork and automation
  • Monitoring of the performance of 1С resources and their use for making informed decisions (allows tracking potential development issues before they arise)
  • Detailed planning stages, 2-week sprints
  • Automatic efficient allocation of resources
  • As a result, faster team interaction and development speed. Visual assessment of work results.