Windows/SQL 2008 Migration: 3-Week Implementation


This Migration implementation is focused on moving applications running on End-Of-Life-Support legacy Windows server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 products into Azure.

This 1 week implementation Bitscape will provide a strategic and efficient migration of your legacy Windows or SQL workload to Azure. This will benefit from any cyberattacks including an additional 3 years of critical security updates beyond end of life (requires a migration for SQL Server to Azure SQL Database managed instances or Azure VMs), improved resiliency and performance from the Azure platform, and additional savings.

This Implementation will include:

Analysis of legacy EOL servers. Upgradation of the legacy servers. Strategic Migration process. pre and Post validation for smooth migration process. Application and Database Schema validation.

Deliverables included:

Fully functional environment. Training and walkthrough. Post Migration architecture design document.