Migrate Guidewire on Azure 3 Month Implementation

Capgemini Group

Containerize and Deploy Guidewire Insurance Suite to Azure Kubernetes Service

Our offer is focused on migrating containerized Guidewire Insurance Suite onto Azure Cloud. As part of this, we setup the necessary underlying Azure environment, which is comprised of AKS, Key Vault, VNET, etc. We utilize a set of accelerators and reusable resources, that may be customized to meet various customer requirements.


  1. Cloud-native: Our solution uses Terraform IaC to provision the underlying Azure infrastructure. The Guidewire Insurance suite applications run on a secured, best-practice Azure Kubernetes Cluster. Supported scenario is Guidewire portability to other Kubernetes environments, enabling for hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.
  2. DevOps: Fully automated deployments via CI/CD pipelines. This enables organizations to easily adopt fully deployed Guidewire stack in Azure.
  3. Secure: The solution follows best practice Azure and Kubernetes configuration. Additionally, it integrates with Azure AD for administrative and service AAA. Traffic in encrypted at rest and in transit. Additionally, sensitive secrets are store in Azure KeyVault. SWIFT, PCI-DSS and other regulatory compliance.
  4. Flexible and Scalable: Running Guidewire in containers enables fast boot times and elasticity. Combined with Service Mesh it further secures the application stack and allows for various deployment strategies.
  5. Resilient: Kubernetes delivers build in high availability and reliability. Combined with Azure Availability Zones, this enables for graceful response to unexpected failures by shifting workloads away from failed systems.
  6. Integrated: Our accelerators can be easily integrated into existing Azure Landing Zones and environments. Additionally, our team is working on further enhancements to integrate Guidewire Insurance Suite with other Azure products and Services.
  7. Expertise: Our Azure and Guidewire teams are available for further configuration, management and support of the Infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines and the Insurance Application Suite.