Cloocus - SQL Server on Azure : 3-wk Assessment


Over 3 weeks Cloocus`s experts will review your existing SQL Server environment and provide a list of changes, which if made will improve the performance of your SQL server.

This 3-Week Assessment is designed to help customers better understand your existing architectural overview and cost associated with running their environment and developing a detailed plan to migrate. Enjoy cost savings with SQL Server on Azure, avoid the complexity of multi-vendor support and modernize your applications.

Step 1. Assessment Our team of experts thoroughly analyzes your environment and systems for cloud migration. With the Azure Migrate Tool, we estimate your Lift&Shift TCO through IT infrastructure diagnostics, which provides Cloocus with results reports to help inform your recommendations and decisions on how to make the most cost-effective transition to Azure.

Step 2. Plan In this stage, we will form together with all the initial assessments and recommendations into an architectural design of the existing infrastructure. Based on the details identified in the phase we will develop a detailed plan to migrate to Azure.