Zero Trust Discovery: 3-Day Assessment

Cloud Direct

The Zero Trust Discovery service will allow you to begin understanding the security governance, policies and systems you currently have in place within your Azure environment.

This review will allow you to fully understand your current deployed security systems in your Azure environment, and how to align them within best practice guidance to Microsoft's Zero Trust architecture.

This review uncovers your security vulnerabilities within Azure and helps you interpret the data gathered in your environment. It also helps you understand the blockers to secure scalable growth.

Running this assessment with stakeholders, functional deployments, and organisational requirements will allow Cloud Direct to interpret these into the analysis formulating the outlines of a target state roadmap planning to help secure your Azure environment.

This service includes:

  • Solution assessment to review security vulnerabilities
  • Requirement gathering workshops
  • Analysis and interpretation of assessment data
  • Stakeholder walk through

The service is expected to provide you with a key part of the overall adoption business case and build stakeholder confidence in the proposed plans.

With these service inclusions, you'll benefit as follows:

  • Identify your requirements and
  • Gain confidence in understanding where your gaps are and how to address them
  • Minimise the risk of cyber attacks
  • Empower your users to work more securely anywhere and anytime on any device
  • Enable digital transformation with intelligent security for complex environments