Office 365 Security Baseline Workshop 2 days

Cloud Essentials

Understand your current security posture in Office 365 and create a suitable roadmap to advance it

Agenda Day 1: Security Baseline Facilitated Discussions via Teams Day 2: Documentation Preparation and Walkthrough

Office 365 has rich and ever-expanding security and governance capability, but the onus is on you to deploy it properly and get maximum value from it for your business.

The Security Baseline Workshop will ensure secure foundations for your Microsoft 365 environment and help you adjust to Microsoft 365 as an ecosystem of interrelated workloads with central security and governance controls for your content.

It reviews your current environment; captures current security and governance settings, assesses your third party solutions and gives an understanding of minimum requirements and best practices. The workshop will help you to open up a broad conversation within the business, equipping multiple departments to support decisions to improve your overall security and compliance stance.

It highlights the importance of taking stock and cascading business requirements down to technical controls and configurations.

The workshop triggers practical conversation that accelerates decision making and defines an appropriate roadmap going forward - logging it all for future reference.


  1. Knowledge, upon which to make well informed decisions. An understanding of current security configurations, options available, best practices and recommendations from an experienced professional.

  2. Documentation, as a snapshot and living record to move forward with. Capture of decisions made, controls, recommendations and current tenant set up. This can remain as your living document to get updated whenever there are changes made to the tenant

  3. Direction, from taking stock and identifying where you need to be. Practical recommendations on a realistic roadmap to improve security posture and gain more value from your licensing investment.