TFS Migration from OnPremise To Azure IaaS


TFS Server Migration from OnPremise to Azure IaaS

End to end Migration of TFS server from OnPremise to Azure IaaS including

  • Created Secured Private Network
  • Deployment of TFS server on Azure
  • Migration of Repos from OnPremise to TFS On premise
  • Configure the new application tier
  • Update Team Foundation Server URLs
  • Single TFS server covered- We shall make provision for daily snapshots and VM security.
  • All Infra Charges on Azure including Marketplace have to be borne by the customer
  • Need to establish a downtime for moving the data from onPremise to Azure IaaS. This shall be done ONLY after the first migration has been with snapshot data and validated.


A) Once you purchase, we shall setup a initial meeting followed by every 3 days syncup. Typically, you shall setup a VPN between Onpremise and Azure to ensure end users accessing securely b) We shall be granted access to Azure and OnPremise TFS using VPN or ACL policy to our office IPs in US. c) We shall prepare Azure machine and setup network for security. A single VPN connection shall be setup between your office and included as part of the cost. Any other VPN shall be charged at $999 for setup . Any express route shall be charged at $2999 for setup. d) To avoid any downtime, We shall take a snapshot of current data and bring it up on Azure and access provided to end users to test. This shall be UAT Setup for testing. We have estimated 3 days for testing by the customer. e) Once the end users have confirmed they are able to access and commit changes, we shall mutually decide for a downtime when access to OnPrermise TFS to be stopped so that we can migrate all data to Azure f) We shall add all users to azure server and/or connect using AD and final migration.

Optional Services:( Not Covered in cost estimation)

  • If using Sharepoint , Move the Sharepoint URLs to point to new TFS location
  • Configure SharePoint Web Applications in TFS
  • Configure Reporting and SQL Server Analysis Services

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