Network optimisation on Azure: 2-hr Assessment

Colt Technology Services

Colt’s two-hour free assessment of your connectivity services, will help you prepare your network for an optimised cloud application performance.

With years of hands-on experience in designing and delivering network services for hundreds of different Cloud customers globally, our network solution professional can review your network needs and recommend the best course of action for an optimised cloud connectivity. Our assessment workshop includes the following

  • Walk you through different Network strategies for Azure connectivity. Understand your company’s physical locations and existing network infrastructure and ensure that your business requirements are in line with the network requirements (such as redundancy, latency, scalability, security)
  • Understand, based on your existing applications landscape such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SAP and other CRM/ERP solutions, the impact on the network & cloud infrastructure (e.g. by data flows).
  • Offer you an unbiased validation and verification of your network requirements. We make sure that all benefits, risks, and costs are all laid out and easy to understand, with clear and concise recommendation
  • How can Colt help tailor your solution to efficiently and securely connect to Microsoft Cloud environment, by leveraging Colt’s Voice & Data product portfolio

At the end of the session, we will offer our assessment of your networking requirements, and provide recommendation for an optimized Cloud connectivity strategy.

Prerequisite: This assessment is for organization considering or already having Azure Cloud services or Microsoft Office-365/Skype/Teams.

Who should attend? Every network infrastructure decision maker that needs a concise overview of how to structure a network strategy for adopting Cloud services with service provider connectivity products.

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