Cloud Governance: 6wk Imp.

Crayon US

Crayon Cloud Governance Implementation will deploy Cloud Governance managed services to control, optimize, and forecast cloud spend.

Crayon Cloud Governance Implementation

Week 1 * Review existing Office 365, Azure, and Cloud consumption governance process * Review the current business requirements for the governance process including forecasting process and capabilities

Week 2 & 3 * Develop steering committee with key stakeholders for decision making * Develop a comprehensive Cloud Governance plan including KPIs, goals, objectives * Develop plan to track business unites

Week 4 * Review changes in consumption with business leads to validate and define the changed systems * Perform ongoing review of existing workloads to optimize performance and minimize costs * Review changes with stakeholders

Week 5 * Develop executive dashboards detailing cloud consumption, spending trends, and cloud spend forecasting

Week 6 * Set-up monthly reporting based on KPIs, goals, objectives, and business requirements

Agenda subject to change based on organization size and needs