Automated Machine Learning : 1 Hr implementation

Data-Core Systems, Inc.

Automated Machine Learning: Predictive analysis in 1 Hr on best-fitted model

Automated Machine Learning helps streamline your processes and inspire predictive analytics within your organization.

Built for technical and non-technical business leaders, Data-Core’s "Citizen Scientists" can perform Machine Learning to use Microsoft Azure Auto ML literally within 1-hour on a best fitted model generated by training the data-set and in a very minimum budget.

Automated Machine Learning expects data to be cleaned, feature engineered and labeled. You share your domain expert with us, who explains your business and expectation from your historical data, and we do rest for you.

A 3-way-steps process provides you prediction results in 1-Hr

Step 1: We feed your historical data-set (in csv format) in Azure AutoML Platform.
Step 2: Our “Citizen Scientists” will train the data-set in Azure AutoML to generate the best fitted model.
Step 3: We upload your test data-set in Azure AutoML Platform to apply on the model for prediction.
Voila! Your prediction results are at your fingertips in less than 1 hour.


  • Explore the benefits of the state-of-the-art ML/AI solutions which otherwise require an understanding of complex models and algorithms being regulated for optimal performance.
  • Take a step further with Data-Core’s visualization experts, who help you display the prediction through interactive, dynamic, decision-making KPIs and visualizations, using MS Power BI.
  • Hakuna Matata, your data is safe and secure in MS Azure.

Data-Core also offers:

  • As an end to end solution, you may also opt to benefit more from Data-Core’s robust & experienced team who can help you with your data to be cleaned, feature engineered and labeled, using MS Power BI and Azure Data Factory.