Red Hat Ansible Automation - Azure: 3-WK PoC

Devoteam Alegri GmbH

For Red Hat and Microsoft Azure customers, now expanding the set of Red Hat management tools that run on Microsoft Azure with the launch of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure.

Organizations are looking to accelerate innovation through improved IT operations, better platform resiliency, and a unified hybrid cloud control plane.. Jointly engineered and supported by Red Hat and Azure, the new offering enables customers to more easily automate Red Hat Enterprise deployments along with Azure services and resources virtually anywhere.

Red Hat Ansible Automation on Azure - The digital automation journey. Proof of Concept

What do you get?

Envisioning & On Boarding:

  • Kick Off
  • Orientation
  • Discuss your Business Needs and Resources
  • InWhich use cases are to be automated
  • Scope and Planning

Proof of concept:

  • The technical features of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform meet the requirements
  • Analyzing Cloud Scenarios
  • Analyse of your System Environment

Automation on a large scale:

  • Accelerated automation
  • Ansible-Trainings
  • Cost Management
  • Road Map


  • Devoteam experts continue to support your automation journey as needed, such as implementing complex use cases or deploying new technologies.

*Please note that the pricing & timeframe is only a rough estimate and will vary depending on the services you choose, the scope and other circumstances in your specific target scenario. **Price can vary depending on scope / optional Steps 3 - 4