Azure Arc for Server Pilot 4-Wk POC

Devoteam M Cloud

Within the scope of this Pilot, we will assess your current server environment, onboard to Azure Arc, train of your team and hand-over.

Devoteam offers you an end-to-end implementation of Azure Arc enabled servers from the onboarding to the implementation of the various Azure services like Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

The process to determine how we will handle your infrastructure works as follows:

  1. We will assess your current infrastructure and cloud readiness (if not already done through our Cloud Assessment offering).
  2. Once we have a clear understanding of your current standing, we will discuss more in detail what are the objectives, acceptance criteria, responsibilities, etc.
  3. After clearing all our and your questions, we will prepare a pilot of our migration plan following Microsoft best practices. This pilot should take at the very least 1 month unless your plan is to onboard very few servers and contains:
    1. The creation of the resource groups and tagging strategy
    2. The designing and deployment of a basic Azure Monitor and Azure Policy plan
    3. Configuration of the role-based access control (RBAC)
    4. The conversion of Log Analytics agent to extension-managed agent
    5. Onboarding of your servers at scale
    6. Creation of service health and Azure Advisor alerts
    7. Assignment of policies
    8. Implementation of Update Management
    9. Training of your IT personnel and creation of a rollback plan
  4. Once the pilot plan convinces you, progressive onboarding of your servers in batches to assure an easy rollback and as little downtime as possible if any issue arises.